Hiking to Anna Bell Pines State Park

Anna Bell Peaks State Park is a beautiful, serene, and secluded beach in Oregon’s Multnomah County. It is not a state park and not managed by the state, but it does have a couple of mountain biking trails for those who enjoy the outdoors. The closest major city to it is Corollas City. The main attraction is the Anna Bell Peak, which was built as an observation tower. The peak sits at the western end of the park’s eastern ridge. Here, you can enjoy amazing views of the coast, the Pacific Ocean, and Mount Hood.

Hiking is a popular activity and can be done on either the beach or in nearby forests. Mountain bikers will enjoy the rolling hills and narrow trails, but not the traffic or crowds that are common when bikers go into Corollas City. For most of the year, the trail leads hikers to the beach. During certain times of the year (usually early spring through late winter), hikers can use the forest to get a much more comfortable workout.

For those who like to camp, Anna Bell Pines State Park has many options. They have full camping accommodations, or you can rent a cabin on one of the numerous hookups dotting the park. Another option is to sleep in a tent, which is very easy to do in the gorgeous forests. Just be careful not to get caught sleeping in a tree! Most of the cabins are clean and well-lit, although it can be a bit chilly at night.

Hiking to the beach can be done on foot, but there is also a bike path along the beach. This path is not well lit, so it can be a bit challenging to navigate. It also gets fairly bumpy due to the beach being at an angle. Fortunately, most of the trails to the beach are well sign posted and safe. If you have the energy to pedal, it is definitely a rewarding experience.

Anna Bell Pines State Park is located not far from Missoula, in northwestern Montana. The park itself covers 4500 acres, with another 400 acres devoted to an open meadow. A large portion of the park is devoted to beautiful old growth trees, and you can hike along parts of the forest in your own vehicle. One thing that definitely make hiking to the park so rewarding is that you never have to pay to use the bathrooms at the park! That’s great news for those who want to spend some time out in nature, without having to pay a nickel!

There is a bus service that picks visitors up at the Anna Bell Peak Visitors’ Center, and there are cabins available in the park for a small fee. There are restrooms, drinking fountains, and picnic areas. Anna Bell Pines State Park also has a cabin in the woods, where visitors can enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The cabin has its own bathroom, making it a very attractive option for those traveling with small children. Other attractions include the Madeline T. Hanks Nature Preserve, where one can search the hundreds of species of birds that inhabit the area, and the Southern Flats National Grassland Reserve, which is managed by the U.S. Government.