Invermere Hotel Dining – A Review of Yesikaanseki and Bamboo Hut in Kenya

A Japanese sushi restaurant that is popular with locals and tourists alike is Yesikasaenz, located in Chuo District, Kyoto. Just like many of the great sushi bars and restaurants around the world, Yesikasaenz has a unique take on the art of sushi making, and a very different style of preparing it. Based on the statistics from last month, here is when next year will be online: darker color = less likely to be booked.

The restaurant itself is a wonderful sight! If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine then this place is for you! The decor and service are to-die-for; and the prices are very reasonable. Many people may simply come here for the sushi, but if you have a craving for something else, like tempura or beef, you may simply want to try out other items on their menu!

This restaurant is located next to a famous temple and is known to have a number of Buddhist temples nearby. The atmosphere of the restaurant itself is quite soothing and peaceful. The location is perfect as it is easily accessible and gets a lot of foot traffic. There are literally hundreds to choose from on a given day!

The first few times I came here I was a little taken aback by the number of options and choices that were available to me. The prices were also a bit on the higher side, however, which may have been due to my lack of prior knowledge of Japanese cuisine. After trying almost everything I could think of I was offered some wonderful tempura. I was instantly in love! I wasn’t able to samples much of the tempura, as my tummy was too full, but I will definitely get back to try more! The atmosphere of the restaurant is also quite fun and there are always a number of interesting drinks, desserts and appetizers on offer.

This is another Japanese themed restaurant that is located near Lake Nakuru in the Hallelujah Reserve. The atmosphere is quite elegant and stylish with white furniture and large pictures of green grass. It may be a bit pricier than the rest of the sushi bars in the area, but I can assure you that the quality speaks for itself! If you are feeling a bit adventurous there are also some vegan options available!

If you are looking for a little taste of the outside world, there is another restaurant that is open all day called Bamboo Hut. It is very different from the other sushi bars and is set in a beautiful natural setting right next to the Hallelujah River. The restaurant offers a number of excellent local dishes along with some international favourites as well. It offers a lunch service that runs each day starting at 11am which includes delicious food, drinks and nibbles! It is well worth a visit if you are in the area!