Sunny’s Amazing Facebook Page

Sunny eighteen Club is a social networking site for teens, and it’s the brainchild of Amy Waterman and Chris Griffiths. The founders of Sunny eighteen are young women who were tired of the “dated” nature of websites like MySpace and Facebook. They wanted a site that was specific to young girls. That’s where Sunny came from, with its focus on teens (and, of course, by popular demand, models). The site today is very different from what started out.

It’s not that the site has changed so much, though. In fact, the layout is very similar to that of its precursor, MySpace, and the interface is fairly basic and user-friendly. While some might still think that a social networking site for teens needs to be more “outspoken” than it is, Sunny’s administrators are quite open about how they prefer their visitors to communicate. When asked if there’s a secret society or group that they follow on the site, the replies range from “a bunch of my friends from grade school” to “my husband”.

Aesthetics aside, Sunny has really caught on with its targeted niche of young girls, especially those in their early twenties. Users have a wide variety of options for avatars, and pretty soon, people will probably be making their own personal profiles. While many teens may not feel very comfortable with the idea of putting personal information out there, the fact is that they need to do so in order to stay updated on the latest trends or simply get a glimpse of the lives of their favourite celebrities.

Sunny eighteen offers a lot of options for members to add their interests, and users can make their profiles more interesting by adding photos. One such photo essay recently won a competition held by MySpace. A model from Britain competed with other British participants to have the best profile in the competition. The winning candidate was Willow Shields who gained almost four thousand friends in a few months. Apparently, Sunny’s strict no nonsense approach to her marketing campaign has worked very well. Members have a lovely clean layout and lovely pictures to look at.

Sunny’s multi-goal system is based on the age groups she serves. She allows her users to create a personal profile for teens as young as seven years old, which is quite a bit younger than most MySpace layouts. Members may then go through their milestones, gain new friends or earn points by helping other users with special tasks. As they gain points, they can buy Sunnyalia clothing and accessories or access to her Sunnyalia club. New members are given the chance to earn extra invites to Sunny’s private concert, and the club system really works!

Sunny’s multi-goal system is both attractive to young women and men. Members are encouraged to interact with their peers and make new friends, while earning rewards for doing so. By following through with her goals, each member of Sunny’s club will be able to experience the luxury of using one of her many lovely outfits, access to special offers and have a chance to meet new people with similar interests. Sunny’s unique multi-goal system will surely give the young and daring a lot to smile about and enjoy!