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Caylin Valentine is one of those sexy pin up girls that are making quite a buzz in the adult dating world. She is a sweet little blonde who has an incredible body with perfect bubble cleavage, long straight hair and tight sexy legs. Caylin lives in California, where she enjoys riding her bicycle, playing tennis and taking long walks around the beach. Recently she has started modeling for Living Edge, a well known adult magazine in the United States.

Recently Living Edge published an article entitled “Tipping Caylin Towards Goals Set”. In this piece she is encouraged to use humor when appropriate and to not put her intentions past the husband or loved one. She is also advised to learn to say no when she does something she does not want and to make it clear that she will only do things that will be positive for their relationship. She is also counseled to read romance novels in order to have insight into love, commitment and sex. Caylin lives in Washington State and works as a freelance writer. As such she has enjoyed great success in finding love through the many dating sites online.

Recently Caylin was introduced to Living Edge through a live sex cam. Through this livesex cam she was introduced to “Tipping Caylin”, a real person. Tipping Caylin was a single person living in the same neighborhood as Caylin and as such sees everything with the same avid eyes. This experience literally turned Caylin upside down because through this livesex cam she was able to observe and see herself getting seduced and engaged with someone else.

Caylin’s experience at first was somewhat negative. She felt that with the live cam she was being used as a sex toy by the person on camera and felt that she was not in control of the situation. However, with continued viewing of the video, she began to view the video in a positive light and realized that she was in fact giving her body to this “toy”. As her mind started to relax, she began to see how much she truly loved having a sexual outlet other than her regular time with her husband.

What is most interesting about this whole experience is that when she posted to Live Edge she asked if she could mention the name of the person she was seeing in the “free chat” that she had joined. The administrator of the site went ahead and told her that name and it became all the media attention she had been looking for. This all occurred while she was just posting to a cam site for people to see and interact. Caylin was overjoyed as she thought she was just being directly initiate to someone she already had a great connection with.

Caylin was so impressed with how well everything worked out for her that she signed up for a second Instagram account just for the “free sex chat” and she has not stopped using either of them since. Her first snapchat account was filled with images of her husband having some fun in the sun. In addition to her Instagram account, she has also opened up her first snapchat for everyone to view. So what are you waiting for, go join Caylin’s Live Sex Cam Account now!