What Are The New Forms of Yoga Practice?

The Truenudists are a new, emerging type of yoga practitioner/community. They have been recently accepted into the Open Circle Study Group. There are over 100 people who have signed up so far, and the numbers are growing. This is a very welcome development, and I applaud their efforts to become a part of this remarkable program.

What are the Truenudists? They are people from all over the world who use yoga for healing in their own unique ways. It’s interesting to note that many of these people hail from countries that don’t practice yoga at all. For instance, people from India are accustomed to treating their ailments using Ayurvedic medicine, but in the U.S., we tend to think of acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine. So, when these new students come here to learn about Ayurveda and yoga, they learn about something that most Americans have never heard of before.

The first thing that makes the Truenudists different from other yoga teachers is that they aren’t trying to create some kind of spiritual revolution by bringing meditation into their practice. They believe that in order for them to be effective, they must understand and apply the teachings of Vastu, which is the philosophy of yoga as a path to total healing. The way this works is that yoga teachers help their students to open themselves up to a much larger understanding of life itself. The teacher sees yoga practitioners as being able to see and experience what everyone has been trying to find in healing.

The second way that this new form of yoga community is making itself known is by offering new forms of yoga teaching. They’ve developed their own line of classes, and there are also classes offered through other yoga organizations. This is particularly important to people in areas that don’t practice yoga already. Many people may have heard of the Trundudists and their treatments through the open source yoga community, but for people in rural communities where yoga is not even considered, this is a huge step forward in bringing these practices and philosophies to the people who would have otherwise never tried them.

Finally, one of the biggest stories of the new generation of truenudists is Les Brown. He was arrested while attempting to help his friend, AIDS victim, Michelle Smith, who were living with AIDS. He was initially given a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and his life was turned upside down. He created and founded the Open Circle Society, which is an association of people who’ve found freedom and new communities outside of the circle of closed circle of counselors.

There is hope for people everywhere, and this trend seems to be a positive sign. Programs like the one at Open Circle are helping to open the minds of those who might not have considered yoga before. There is no question that this type of work will continue to grow and expand. It will bring in people from all over the world, people who might not otherwise ever have tried this type of holistic health practice.