Does Red Tubr Really Works?

Red Tubr is an adult video sharing website, which in August 2020 held an Alexa rank within the top 100 most visited websites worldwide. In June 2020, it fell out of this top 100, but it quickly regained it position in mid-2020. In September 2020, it passed Blogger to become the second most visited general niche website in this category. Now as of mid-September 2020 its Alexa rank was 500.

According to Alexa, more than nine million people use redtubr on a daily basis. This is a huge number and clearly shows that there is a lot of interest for adult videos in general, and redtubr especially. The question is, what is so special about redtubr? Is it the clean and easy to use interface? Or is it the enormous amount of content, the large number of mature, quality websites that you can browse through, or the high win ratio it has?

In order to answer the last question, we have to look into the website redtubr itself. It is very similar to a tube, the other popular adult tube website. Both sites are search engine friendly and easy to navigate. They both also have a wide variety of adult movies, interracial and vanilla sites. The biggest difference between the two, however, lies in the kind of content that is put up on the tubes.

On redtubr, the top of the page contains the most popular and recent movies, while on the tube, the movies are listed from left to right. Both websites contain a large variety of adult videos, interracial and vanilla. This is where the similarities end. While the tube is primarily an interracial porn site, redtubr is (probably for the most part) purely vanilla (with some interracial acts mixed in here and there). This is not to say that the tube site is bad–it is just different.

For instance, on redtubr, you can search for videos by typing in common terms such as “big black”, “big cocks”, “harder” etc. This allows redtubr site visitors to find specific video clips to watch. On the tube, you have to go to individual websites in order to find the particular video you are looking for. This makes it more difficult to navigate, since you can’t tell which website has the video you want by its title.

In short, both tube sites allow redtubr site visitors to search for the kind of clips they are interested in watching. However, redtubr traffic is apparently ten times higher on tube. Whether this difference is due to better coding and/or SEO isn’t clear. But if you are a reducer, I recommend using tube.