More About Lovely Miakinkdd

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Fishnet stocking is not only a sexy fashion wear but also a great way to keep warm during the chilly winter months. This Australian stunner loves wearing fishnets and other similar exotic lingerie that she wears during shoots. She loves wearing fishnet tights and panties and sometimes she also goes as far as covering her belly button with fishnet stockings. As a matter of fact, she covered her navel region with fishnet stockings at one of her recent photoshoots.

This beauty loves to play around in the water even while she is on the set. During one of her photo shoots, photographer Terry Richardson got his camera ready with this beautiful Aussie stunner in the nude laying on the deck of a boat. This stunning Aussie beauty had on fishnets, a bikini top and low rise pants. She looked as if she was going to swim the night away! When the photographer called her over, they were happy to see her pose in the nude thus proving that the glamour nanny was not out to get a tan. In fact, she was just trying to find a good angle for the photo shoot!

These stunning Australian stunners have a passion for food and they are great teachers when it comes to feeding their pet ferrets. During one of her shoots, Miakinkdd ate a piece of raw fish. While doing this, the cute Aussies also seemed to be able to teach this young photographer how to handle and cook a fish. They both seemed to be having so much fun during the shoot that the other Aussie did not even notice that she was on a fish! They were both very comfortable in their nude clothing and enjoyed the shoot.

The thing about Giakinkedd is that she loves to learn and has a great heart for animals. Even though she only weighs 95 lbs, she still participates in boxing. She trained with horses for a period of time and enjoys riding. She also loves to dance and was recently spotted in Australia performing with the local girls. Although she only wears her nanny cam occasionally, it seems that she enjoys sharing her inner fashion secrets with her fans on social media. Anyone who wants to know more about this stunning Aussie stunner is invited to visit her official website and follow along on social media.