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There are more than a handful of sites in the web that offer similar stuff but JAVJunkies has something extra special to offer. Every single episode of every single Japanese anime series can be downloaded and watched without any fee. Avid anime fans will love to download these collections since they can watch their favorite anime series anytime they want. There are still other sites that allow subscribers to download one episode of every single Japanese show but the cost is really costly.

Unlike torrents and other similar sites that require money to access, the contents of JAVJunkies are offered completely for free and only requires a small registration fee to start. Aside from the obvious “unlimited downloads,” members also enjoy various other benefits such as special offers, user favorites, hidden and special code benefits and much more. What’s more, even if you already have a premium membership with JAVJunkies, you are still qualified to enjoy the benefits and download unlimited movies and TV shows.

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