How Much is $10,000?

Evelyn Claire Layne Net Worth: Evelyn Claire Layne is an American adult entertainer, model, actress, and writer who has estimated net worth of approximately $10 million. Evelyn Claire was just born in Long Island, New York in April 1996. She is most recognized for her role as Tiffany Hall on the popular reality television show The Real World: Boston. Other than that, she also became a spokesmodel for several brands and has contributed articles to several magazines. Today, she still continues to be active in many facets of entertainment.

What exactly is she famous for? She is known for being one of the few female porn stars. Her first two movies out were both shot in handheld digital cameras. Then she went on to star in and produce the award-winning “wings” with James De Luca and Robert Rodriguez. All the credits listed for her films are: Pink List, Cribbing, Eat Pray Love, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, A Dangerous Secret, Bambino! Sleeping With Other People, Eat Pray Love, A Dangerous Secret, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Pretty Woman, and A Dangerous Secret.

Why is she in the adult films? She has appeared in many adult films since she was very young. She has appeared in adult movies with the likes of Barbara Streisand and Holly Hunter. She also has established a name for herself in the modeling industry. She has been nominated three times for Adult Film Actress of the Year, winning once.

Where does she fit into all this? Her net worth is really nothing more than a mere mortal net worth considering how much she’s brought into the entertainment industry. Her net worth is merely that, a net worth and not much more.

If you will recall, she appeared in two movies back to back. Both of them did very well and became box office hits. People who do well in two movies, usually also do very well in the next two movies as well. That’s just the way it goes in the entertainment biz.

You see, with all the success she has had, people want to try to emulate her success. This is what often happens. Many actors and actresses try to get into the acting game and they try to act in more than two movies. Hopefully, after watching two movies today, they will be able to say that they wish they had more to play in.